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Feeding the
world responsibly


We are a food start-up spanning across Singapore, London, and Amsterdam that is on a mission to feed the world responsibly, through tasty, nutritious, and affordable foods. Our multicultural background and by making exhaustive use of the product development ecosystem of Singapore, and the brand and protein ecosystem of The Netherlands, we try to blend the best of the East with the best of the West.


Our first brand ‘Tasty as F*SH’ is all about plant-based seafood. The first range in development is plant-based Tuna.

We are mission-led, values-guided and aim to do business in the most responsible way for people, animals, and planet. We might not always be perfect, but we strive to do things better than our competitors to have a positive impact.

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Agua Foods PTE LTD

120 Lower Delta Road #14 01 Cendex Center,
Singapore 169208

Telephone: +65 6549 5204