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“We value your input”

We’re on a mission to feed the world responsibly. Our first brand ‘Tasty as F*SH’ will serve the world with great tasting and affordable tuna flakes. If you’re a supplier on sustainable and natural food ingredients, or an agency in the fields of marketing or (field) sales, then we invite you to reach out to us.


Join our mission

With our product development roots in Singapore, and our Marketing & Sales office in the Netherlands we’re a spiffy hybrid of the East and the West. If you feel wholeheartedly connected to our company values and feel to have a similar passion for our and brand mission as us, you just might be the one we’re looking for while we grow our business.

Currently we are interested in contract based talent in Singapore in the fields of corporate law, finance and product development.

In Amsterdam, we’re looking per April/May for a permanent-, temporary- or contract based European Sales Manager. Ideally with experience on the field of logistics/supply chain, to set up our route to market.

If you feel you are a fit, please contact us here.

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Agua Foods PTE LTD

120 Lower Delta Road #14 01 Cendex Center,
Singapore 169208

Telephone: +65 6549 5204