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Tasty as F*SH

With this plant-based seafood brand and products we are set to depressurise unsustainable aquatic food systems by offering plant-based alternatives to achieve a restored and maintained balance of our ocean’s ecosystems.

Tasty as F*SH started as the brain-child of Zubin Chand. With a background in health sciences and international trade, he signed up a company in 2021 named Agua Foods. With no brands or products yet, but with the determination to prevent future global malnutrition through innovative food concepts.

As he followed the developments on plant based innovation with great interest, Zubin noticed how little attention there was for plant based seafood, and the necessity to decrease fish consumption to improve biodiversity and health issues, caused by unsustainable methods like over-fishing and fish farming.

With little experience in developing plant based food products or building brands, his first step was to assemble a team that could get this done. Being from Indian descent, born in Japan, raised in Singapore, studied in the US and living as a British national in London, Zubin experienced throughout his life which qualities he could learn from the East, and which from the West.  This gave him the idea to assemble a team of cultural diversity, that can bring in the magic of both. This with the objective to provide affordable, nutritious and tasty food solutions, with minimum negative impact on humans, animals and planet earth.

For its first product, the team cracked – through breakthrough innovation – a new approach to make sustainable plant based tuna, offering the taste and nutrition of real fish and with zero impact on our oceans. Consumable like regular tuna in any salad, pasta, sandwich or pizza.

Our brand mission



Our planet is inhabited by 7.9 billion people, double the size of 50 years ago. According to projections, we’ll need to feed close to 10 billion people by 2050. Increasing awareness on the environmental impact of beef & pork, in parallel to the nutritional benefits of poultry & fish, accelerated strong demand on the latter.


Human consumption demands have led to vast decimation of fish stocks, caused by decades of over-fishing and the desire to sell more seafood cheaply.  As a consequence, privatized fish farms have emerged on industrial scale.


Although industrial aquaculture seems to be good solution to over-fishing, it results in a large variety of environmental consequences, including the spread of deadly diseases and parasites; threats to native wild fish populations; and the pollution of our ocean from the inputs and outputs of fish farming.


While both over-fishing as aquaculture have significant effects on ocean biodiversity, the latter also raises significant human health and food safety concerns as antibiotics, pesticides and other chemicals that are heavily used to prevent disease and parasites in fish farming can accumulate in fish tissues.


To ensure a liveable future, we need protect our oceans by depressurizing unsustainable food systems, as it drives global systems that make our planet habitable for humankind. Our rainwater, drinking water, climate, coastlines, much of our food, and even the oxygen in the air we breathe, are all ultimately provided and regulated by the sea.


With Tasty as F*sh we offer sustainable plant based alternatives for traditional seafood consumption. While we believe moderate fish consumption is a good thing, we aim to decrease its volumes so it can be caught with minimum negative impact to our planet, humans and ocean life.


We aim to donate 10% of our profits to the right ocean focussed NGO, as the value of improving ocean biodiversity benefits the environment, improved human food consumption, reduces animal suffering and advances social wellbeing. Please get in touch for partnerships.



SDG#2 - Zero Hunger

Seafood from plant based proteins at an affordable level provides accessible global nutrition, even in developing countries. Plant based consumption decreases pressure on (industrial) farming operations and minimizes ecosystem degradation that enables a stronger and healthier natural food chain.

SDG#3 - Good Health and Well-Being

Our plant based seafood offers essential sources of protein and omega 3 fats. By changing people’s diets to plant proteins, we depressurize required fish farm volumes, and with this the use of antibiotics, pesticides and other chemicals that accumulate in fish tissues, which are heavily used to prevent disease and parasites in industrial aquaculture.

SDG#13 - Climate Action

From sourcing to profit, our entire business operation is set up to be a more responsible alternative than animal-proteins. Our CO2 footprint, especially when looking at the impact of industrial farmed fish, is significantly smaller. We aim to be Net-Positive by 2030.

SDG#12 - Responsible Consumption and Production

We manufacture our plant based seafood with the smallest ecological footprint possible and with strict policies on human labour conditions. Besides our internal responsibility efforts we aim to be an industry voice for using business as a force for good, and an inspiration for people to change their diets from animal- to plant based proteins.

SDG#14 - Life Below Water

Less animal seafood consumption and aid towards more efficient and sustainable fishing and natural fish farming allows aquatic ecosystems to restore and maintain their natural balance. Also it helps to to reduce marine pollution and –destruction and ocean acidification, and to increase fish welfare.

SDG#17 - Partnerships for the Goals

In parallel to our mission to inspire people and provide alternatives to swap animal proteins for plant proteins, we seek collaboration with non-profit organizations to directly improve unhealthy food systems inhumane treatment of farmed animals, and promote sustainability, food safety and improvement of labour conditions with international stakeholders.
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